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Tuesday Dec 11,2018

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Metcon: METCON 12/11/18Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 12/11/18Warm Up: WARM UP 12/11/18SHRED: SHRED 12/11/185:30PM WEIGHTLIFTING 12/11/18

METCON 12/11/18

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+

Wall Walk-3 reps
Double Unders-30 reps

Goal: 231 Reps+ (7+ Rounds)

Tip: This workout is fast paced and shoulder intensive. Establish a maintainable pace early on to avoid burnout.  

Purpose: From the article entitled ''Handstands'' by CrossFit Founder  Greg Glassman:

''Being upside down exposes the athlete to, what is for many, a brand new world. Psychologically, physically, and physiologically, inversion is otherworldly. We spend roughly two thirds of our life upright and one third in repose. When upside down most of us lose our breath, orientation, and composure. What this portends for an athlete upended by opponent or accident is calamitous. The difference between tripping and landing on your feet versus knocking your teeth out is profound. Gymnasts’ bike wrecks don’t look like weightlifters’.

Combat, nature, survival, and sport favor individuals who keep bodily and spatial awareness regardless of their orientation in three-space. The handstand is prerequisite to handsprings, walkovers, cartwheels, aerials, and flips, each of which will train for generally favorable outcomes to being tossed into space. The handstand is the first step to developing a catlike capacity for landing on your feet.''

Rx+ Sub 10 m handstand Walk
Rx: As Written
Rx2: Sub Singlesx2, partial wall walk or seal walk 10 m
Rx3: Sub singles, bear crawl 10 m