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Friday Jan 18,2019

Happy Birthday Grant H & Ashley D
SHRED 1/18/19Metcon: METCON 1/18/19Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 1/18/19Warm Up: WARM UP 1/18/19

SHRED 1/18/19

Warm Up:

500 meter row
Calf stretch on rig- 30 sec. R/L
spider man to hammy- 30 sec. R/L
standing forward fold- 30 seconds
forward to back hops- 30 seconds  
side to side hops- 30 seconds  
4 square hops- 30 seconds  
single unders- 30 seconds  
double unders/ lateral hops- 30 seconds  


24 minute AMRAP  
- Row for max calories  
- E2MOM 33 double unders