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Saturday Jun 15,2019

Happy Birthday Lacey B
Welcome Trey
Metcon: PARTNER WOD 6/15/1910AM WEIGHTLIFTING 6/15/19Warm Up: WARM UP 6/15/19


Metcon: Weight-Rx3
Every 2 minutes x 10 sets, 30 secs REST b/t rounds:

Bike-20/15 Calories
TTB-15 reps

w/ time remaining:

Hang Powerclean (1 rep each partner as heavy as possible).  

Teams may increase in load as they desire and use two barbells. However, only one partner may attempt a weight at a time. You may make multiple attempts within the round but only your heaviest attempt will be counted.  

Score: Total weight for each round added together between both teammates.  

Rules: Partner 1 will complete the bike, while partner 2 completes the TTB. Then each partner will attempt to establish their heaviest hang powerclean. On the following round, Partner 2 will complete the bike, while partner 1 completes the TTB. Each partner will do a total of 5 rounds on the bike and 5 rounds on the TTB.  

Goal: Finish all 10 rounds and lift heavy!

Tip: Keep spare weights organized and nearby to be ready to load quickly between rounds!

Blue Rx: As written
Orange Rx2: Sub KTC
Yellow Rx2: 12/10 Calories, sub lying TTB
White Rx3: 10/7 Calories, Sub Sit Ups or see coach for additional mods.

1st90 2Jayne Today!
1st145 2Trey Today!
Michael H Today!

Michael H145 Rx2
Trey145 Rx2
Jayne90 Rx2
Vince10:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Scott W10:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Cammon10:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Amy B10:00am...3 2 1 GO!

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