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Mon, Jan 20

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Weightlifting: Weight

30 Minutes

4-5 sets:

A1. Back Squat-6 reps
A2. Palloff Press-10 reps R/L
A3. Banded Good Morning-20 reps
REST 2-3 minutes

Start working sets on back squat between 75-80% and build up! Make sure to focus on deliberate controlled movement on the palloff press. Use a thick band for the Good Mornings!

1st185 Rachel T Today!
2nd160 Katheryn Today!
Laura E Today!
3rd155 six reps Mindy Today!
1st305 Jonathan K Today!
2nd295 David R Today!
3rd285 Ian Today!

David R295 Rx
Vince215 Rx
Laura E160 Rx
Derek N225 Rx
Ryan P275 Rx
Sandra D135 Rx
Bill225 Rx
Mindy155 six reps Rx
Susie55 Rx
DeeAnn105 Rx Back SQUAT
Diana105 Rx
Jessie125 Rx
Jonathan K305 Rx
Katheryn160 Rx
Scott B225 Rx
Jeremy B225 Rx
Ian285 Rx
Jayne110 Rx
Rachel T185 Rx
Peyton6:00pm...3 2 1 GO!
Rex S6:00pm...3 2 1 GO!

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