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Wed, Feb 19

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GRACE 2-10-20 on Feb 10, 2020 (9 days ago)
Metcon: METCON 2-19-20Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 2-19-20Warm Up: WARM UP 2-19-20

METCON 2-19-20

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+

5 Min EMOM:

5 Back Squats+5 Box Jumps
(athlete chooses weight)

REST 1 minute


7 min AMRAP:

7 Back Squats
7 Box Jumps

For the EMOM athletes can choose their load. They should choose a heavyish weight, but a weight they can perform for 5 consecutive reps with minimal breaks between sets.

Score=Your back squat load+reps on AMRAP. Example: Janelle uses 300# for back squat and performs 98 reps on AMRAP her score is 398.

Goal/Tip: Lift a heavy sustainable load on EMOM, aim for smooth transitions on AMRAP.

Purple Rx: 24''/20'' for EMOM, 165#/115#, 30''/24'' for AMRAP

Blue Rx2: 20''/16'' for EMOM, 135#/95#, 24''/20'' for AMRAP

Orange Rx3: Step Ups 20''/16'' OR Plate Jumps for EMOM, 95#/65# and Step Ups for AMRAP

Yellow MODWOD: Plate Step Ups and Back Squat to Box, 35#/25# for AMRAP

1st269 Janelle Today!
2nd134 2Cherise Today!
3rd139 3DeeAnn Today!
1st310 Shane Today!
2nd301 Luis M Today!
3rd295 Steve M Today!

Steve M295 Rx
Janelle269 Rx EMOM-185# AMRAP-accidentally did 135# 6rds
Vince227 Rx2 24' box for both rounds
Shane310 Rx
Jonny191 Rx2 135 weight
Derek N228 Rx2 165+63, box 24 and 30
Eric M279 Rx
Steve J293 Rx2 5 x 230lb squats + 63 reps w/ (box step-ups)
DeeAnn139 Rx3
Luis M301 Rx
Cherise134 Rx2 75+59
Katheryn8:30am...3 2 1 GO!
Wendy D8:30am...3 2 1 GO!

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