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Monday Oct 22,2018

Metcon: METCON 10/22/18Metcon,Skill: MONKEY COMPLEX V2SHRED: SHRED 10/22/18Warm Up: WARM UP 10/21/18

METCON 10/22/18

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+
14 Min AMRAP

Hang DB Clean & Jerk-10 reps (50#-55#/35#, single DB)
HR Push Ups-10 reps
Double Unders-20 reps

Tip: Utilize a push jerk on the DB instead of a press to save your triceps for the push ups. On the push ups focus on keeping your core tight and avoiding ''the snake up.'' Try to establish a maintainable pace early on and just keep moving.

Goal: 360+ Reps (almost 9 rounds+)

Rx+: Sub HSPU, 70#/50#
Rx: As written
Rx2: 35#/20#, sub lateral hop over DB, knees down push up
Rx3: 20#/12#, sub singles, incline push up

1st368 Alyssa C Today!
2nd203Julia Today!
1st412 Seth B Today!
2nd380 Charles Today!
3rd348 Boots Today!

Charles380 Rx
Grant H323 Rx
Vincent325  40# DB all else RX
Shane201 Rx
Alyssa C368 Rx 9 rounds +8 reps
Eric M292 Rx
Luis M320 Rx
Julia203  Rx+
Steve M282 Rx
Derek N300 Rx
Boots348 Rx
Bill280  modcon 50#db; PU; single under high jump
Seth B412 Rx
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