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Wed, Jan 6 2016

Happy Birthday Bj
Most Recent Benchmark:
FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 1/13/16Metcon: METCON 1/6/16(OPTIONAL) ASSISTANCE WORKWarm Up: WARM UP 1/19/16


Weightlifting: Weight
Shoulder Press (week 2)


*Max rep set 20-30# less than your heaviest 5, stopping half way up and back down. BEAT last weeks 5 set by 5# and MR set by either reps or with more weight

TodayAll Time

Belinda95 Rx
Jonathan K165 Rx
Traeden95 Rx
Spencer Da110 Rx
Charles155 Rx 3@165
Brenda L75 Rx
Cherise105 Rx drops: 5@85; 7@75
Carolyn75 Rx drop 55#x9
Bill115 Rx
Scott B105 Rx Rib still hurting
Saori75 Rx 80#x3
Tracie55 Rx
Julia110 Rx Drop 85x8
Joslyn70# Rx
Linda70 Rx
Jonah115 Rx
Braeden115 Rx
Hilo140 Rx
Sharlene55 Rx 5 reps
Ammon75 Rx

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