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Wed, Jan 13 2016

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METCON 1/13/16

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+
10 min AMRAP  

Double Unders-30 reps
Powersnatch-15 reps

GOAL: Finish over 7 rounds

Rx+: 95#/65#, Sub Triple Unders 15 reps
Rx: 75#/55#,  
Rx2: Hang PC 75#/55#, Sub Lateral hops
Rx3: Hang PC 55#/35#, Sub x2 Singles

1st180 Tracie Wed, Jan 13, 2016
2nd170 Carolyn Wed, Jan 13, 2016
3rd375 2Belinda Wed, Jan 13, 2016
1st345 Robbie Wed, Jan 13, 2016
2nd301 John Lu Wed, Jan 13, 2016
3rd274 Scott C Wed, Jan 13, 2016

Selleck3 rounds Rx2 power snatch; jumping over bar
Sandra D180 Rx2 lateral hops
Jonathan K266 Rx
Spencer C4 Rds + 44 reps Rx Single leg DU
Traeden173 Rx
Tracie180 Rx
Cherise135 Rx3 #55, lateral hops, then flutter kicks
Corin4 rounds Rx2 singles X2, hang powerclean
Parker95 Rx Shoulder Press 85x5 95x3
Wade225 Rx
Carolyn170 Rx
Victoria200 Rx2
Scott B104 Rx
Tyler M217 Rx
Scott C274 Rx
Charlie210 Rx2
Tom R135 Rx
John Lu301 Rx
Aaron F136 Rx2 Power snatch and lateral hops
Robbie345 Rx
Bailey J225 Rx2 Snatch and lateral hops
Keith5 sets Rx
Katie B208 Rx2
Jacob W177 Rx
Joslyn225 Rx2
Linda180 Rx2
Covi310 Rx2 Power snatch and X2 singles
Saori135 Rx2 55#, sub 15 cal row
Lance215 Rx
Benjamin Rug170 Rx2 Hang PC Sub Lateral hops
Belinda375 Rx2
Julia Powerlifting programming
Ammondidn't count but was here.  not there yet.

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