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Wed, Sep 21 2016

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METCON 9/21/16

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+
AMRAP in 7 mins of

Bar Facing Burpees-7 reps
Overhead Squat-12 reps

GOAL: 90 reps+

Rx+: 115#/75#
Rx: 95#/65#
Rx2: Sub lateral burpees and Front Squats 75#/55#
Rx3: Sub athletic burpees and Goblet Squat 53#/35#

1st43 +Karen C Wed, Sep 21, 2016
2nd89 Rachel T Wed, Sep 21, 2016
3rd87 Lacey C Wed, Sep 21, 2016
1st114 +Todd N Wed, Sep 21, 2016
2nd109 +Seth B Wed, Sep 21, 2016
3rd102 Brandon He Wed, Sep 21, 2016

Lily52 Rx
Steve M59 Rx
Spencer Da64 Rx
Brandon He102 Rx
Lacey C87 Rx
Andrew R95 Rx2 lateral burpees & #75 Front squat
Brenda L77 Rx2
Scott B59 Rx
Saori82  Bfb, 75#fs. Boy, my legs haven't recovered from the last metcon
Katheryn140 Rx3 super modified for hamstring - 15 lb. ohs, push ups
Cherise57 Rx
Seth B109 Rx+
Rachel T89 Rx
Ben80 Rx
Todd N114 Rx+
Keith135 Rx3 Did different routine because of surgery was easier
Charlie60 Rx
Scott C91 Rx
Tracie76 Rx2 Back squats
Eric M91 Rx
Alison S45 Rx2
Hunter M70 Rx
Karen C43 Rx+ Did the wrong rep scheme...oops
Emily BeDNF Rx3
Mark B76 DNF Rx3
Mitchell D95 Rx
Tyson K97 Rx

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