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Tue, Mar 21 2017

Happy Birthday Hailey
Welcome Steven A
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FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
Metcon: METCON 3/21/17SHRED: SHRED 3/21/17SWOD: STRENGTH WOD 3/21/17Warm Up: WARM UP 3/21/17Skill: SKILL 2/2/16-1/17/17

METCON 3/21/17

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
5 rounds of

Run-800 m
REST 2 mins between efforts

GOAL: Finish under 26 mins CAP off at 30 mins

Rx+: Where a weight vest 44#/20#
Rx: As written
Rx2: Sub 500 m Runs
Rx3: Sub 400 m Runs

1st25:26 Anna H Tue, Mar 21, 2017
2nd27:17 Sarah G Tue, Mar 21, 2017
3rd27:32 Kristen Od Tue, Mar 21, 2017
1st24:12 +Christopher T Tue, Mar 21, 2017
2nd30:06 +Robson Tue, Mar 21, 2017
3rd27 Hugo Tue, Mar 21, 2017

Spencer C27:05 Rx
Mitchell RDnf Rx+ 4 rounds
Ben25:24 Rx
Christopher T24:12 Rx+
Cherise25:21 Rx2 God bless you, Seth.
Justin S25:35 Rx
Luis M26:22 Rx
Brenda L25:26 Rx2
Hugo27 Rx
Sterling30:04  I'm so mad that I barely missed it!!
Scott B25:15  Row
Saori25:39  800m row
Julia29:24 Rx
Tracie26:40 Rx2
Vince26:53 Rx
Lila28:14 Rx
Nate27:28 Rx
Anna H25:26 Rx did one 800 the rest 500
Josee32:10 Rx 1000 m row
Kristen Od27:32 Rx
Keith18:05 Rx2 Row 2500 meters
Becky30.00 Rx3 2 500 row 2 .7 bike per bob
JC30 mins  4.5 rounds
Janalyn30:27 Rx :(
Emily M25:21 Rx2
Sarah G27:17 Rx
Jacob W30:00 4 rounds Rx
Amalia30:05 Rx Bob said I was like 5 sec away, but didn't reset the timer
Kevin E29:05 Rx 4rds
Robson30:06 Rx+
Kami30:00  3/5 with 7#vest finshed after cap-off
Courtney EDNF 27:39 Rx 4 rounds
Joshua BDNF 31:01  4 rounds

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