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Thu, May 18 2017

Most Recent Benchmark:
FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
Cardio: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDEBenchmark,Metcon: 1500 m Row 5/16/17Metcon: METCON 5/18/17SHRED: SHRED 5/18/17SWOD: STRENGTH WOD 6:30PM 5/18/17Warm Up: WARM UP 5/18/17Other Posted Results


Cardio: Time
1 mile outside run.

GOAL: Men under 6:45
         Women under 7:30

TodayAll Time

Megan A11:18 Rx 8th
Lila8:30 Rx 7th Had to stop and tie my shoes twice
Sarah G7:39 Rx 2nd TICKED!! 9 SECONDS AWAY
Anthony A9:45  24th CAUSE IM SLOW
Andrew R7:15 Rx
Heikoti14:00 Rx 19th HAHAHA!
Benjamin Rus8:21 Rx 12th
Vince7:13 Rx 8th running
Luis M8:29 Rx 13th
Kami8:34 Rx
Saori8:55 Rx run
Kristen Od7:45 Rx 4th
Mitchell R9:05 Rx 15th
Kevin E9:30 Rx 18th
Jonathan A8:52 Rx 14th
Todd N7:49 Rx 11th
Madeline7:40 Rx 3rd
Spencer C5:52 Rx 1st
Travis J7:02 Rx 7th
Janelle7:06 Rx 1st
Toa9:25 Rx 17th

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