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Mon, Jun 19 2017

Happy Birthday deborah
Steven A
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Metcon: Weight
Week 3  

Back Squat  

Build up on all sets but stick with the rep scheme.  

76%-83%-87% for first wave. Small jump on all thereafter

TodayAll Time

Tracie105X2 Rx
Eric M175 Rx
Vince145 Rx
Ryan P275x2 Rx
Sterling225 Rx
Luis M245 Rx
Katheryn135 Rx
Kou55 Rx
Cherise190 Rx
Saori180 Rx
monica b85 Rx
Steven A245 Rx
Bill185 Rx
Spencer C285 Rx Failed on 2nd rep (2nd wave)
Scott C260 Rx
Hayleigh230 Rx
Derek A145 Rx
Jonathan A145 Rx
Charles325x2 Rx
Scott B195 Rx
Kevin E265.8 Rx PR!!

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