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Fri, Jan 26 2018

Happy Birthday Sarah K
Brian S
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FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
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Metcon: Reps-Rx3+
E2MO2M for 8 rounds perform

7-Box Jumps 30''/24''
1-Powerclean+1 Thruster

REST w time remaining using this time to add weight to barbell. Score is heaviest Thruster completed. As a starting point begin at 65% of best Clean.

Rx+: 9 36''/30'', 5 Deadlift 2 Squat Cleans 1 Cluster
Rx: As written
Rx2: 24''/20'', You may sub HPC and PP
Rx3:  20''/16'' Try to jump if able, sub DB's and/or HPC/PP

TodayAll Time

Janelle145 lbs Rx
Derek A165 Rx
Sandra D65 Rx
Katheryn80 Rx
Julia80  7 box jumps (worked to 24+4 mats), 7 80# DB DL
Ryan P185 lbs Rx
Cherise105 Rx 20'
Miranda105 Rx
Eric M185# Rx 205# front squat
Scott C215 Rx
Clint215 lbs Rx
Megan A#105 Rx2 20'
Deven235 Rx
Noelia160 Rx
David V165# Rx

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