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Mon, Jul 16 2018

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FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (72 days ago)
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FIGHT CLUB 7/16/18

Benchmark: Reps-Rx3+

3 Rounds for MAX REPS, one minute each station of:

Thrusters (95#/65#)
Powercleans (95#/65#)
Box Overs (24'/20')
Pull Ups
Assault Bike (Cals)

Goal: 225+ Reps

*Courtesy of CompTrain

Rx+: Click this if you score over 300 reps
Rx: As written
Rx2: 75#/55#, step overs allowed, Sub Jump CTB pull ups
Rx3: Sub single DB 35#/20#, or Wall Ball, 20'/16', ring rows

1st270 Taeja Mon, Jul 16, 2018
2nd181 Janelle Mon, Jul 16, 2018
3rd179 Alyssa C Mon, Jul 16, 2018
1st322 +Christopher T Mon, Jul 16, 2018
2nd302 +Seth B Mon, Jul 16, 2018
3rd252 Kyle T Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Megan A170 Rx started box ovrs, 55,57,58
Mitchell R145 Rx
Grant H198 Rx
Cammon160 Rx
Christopher T322 Rx+
Eric M210 Rx
Taeja270 Rx No bueno; thruster-63, PC-64,BO-61, PU-48, Bike -34
Alyssa C179 Rx
Tracie220 Rx2
Sandra D146 Rx2
Cherise146 Rx
Steve M245 Rx
Luis M195  step overs
Vince193 Rx
Ryan P180 Rx
Katheryn216 Rx2
Kristen Od144 Rx don't want to talk about it
Nathan L130 Rx
Seth B302 Rx+ Recommend to not go HAM on bike from the start..Hanging on for dear life.
Janelle181 Rx
Bill203 Rx2 modwod 95#
Saori158 Rx2 PU (Gross injury)
Katriel-Maria304  Belt squat, push press, 16” step over, ring row, bike. Totes different
Pete174  Ring rows
Eric P212 Rx
Kyle T252 Rx
Scott C237 Rx
Bj177 Rx2 24 bo,sub ring rows
Todd N238 Rx

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