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Fri, Feb 1

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FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
Benchmark,Metcon: FRAN 9/20/19SHRED 2/1/20191 STRONGEST LOSER 8(OPTIONAL WORKOUT)Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 2/1/19Warm Up: WARM UP 2/1/19Other Posted Results

FRAN 9/20/19

Benchmark,Metcon: Time-Rx3

21-15-9 reps for time

Thrusters (95#/65#)

GOAL: Finish under 5 mins CAP off at 8 mins

Tip: You are meant to really push the pace on this workout. Scale to a level that will put you at or under the goal! The weight should be fairly light for you. Use today as an opportunity to push past what feels comfortable.

Purpose: Fran is a full body workout that embodies intensity! Furthermore, it is mentally challenging. Conquering this workout in the gym allows us to garner mental strength for life outside the gym.

Blue Rx: Fran As written
Orange Rx2: See Lactic Tolerance Tab

TodayAll Time

Janelle3:21 Rx best is 3:17
Vince6:35 Rx 30th 1:27 PR
Kirklin6:20  banded pu 55lbs
Charles4:23 Rx 14th
JASON BEN6:24 Rx2 57th 75# jumping
Nick7:57 Rx2 63rd 95lb and jumping pull ups
Trent3:02 Rx2 49th 75#
Laura E6:10 Rx3 40th yellow
Boots6:20 Rx 27th
Todd N3:28 Rx
Ian6:36 Rx 31st PR
Alyssa C5:39 Rx 10th
Heather Lo5:20 Rx3 39th
Sandra D6:59  47th 55#
Rhea5:10 Rx3 38th
Jessie6:15 Rx2 26th
Diana4:01 Rx2 20th
Bill7:38 Rx2 modwod 95# thruster w/jumping PU
Scott B8:00 DNF Rx 38th 10/15 pull-ups new PR for me
Spencer C3:34 Rx 9th Huge PR
Katheryn4:13 Rx2 21st PR
Cherise3:40 Rx2 19th 1 Feb 2019
Brett L4:40 Rx 18th 95#, Jump pull up
Anna E4:05 Rx3 37th 35#, jumping pull-ups
Taylor B6:50 Rx2 30th 80 strick press
Wesly3:56 Rx 11th
Rachel T5:00 Rx Best 4:47
Derra6:59 Rx 13th
David B5:05 Rx2 51st
Pete5:26 Rx2 52nd
eli3:11 Rx 6th PR by a min
Lacey B5:47 Rx2 25th did jumping pull ups and 55 weight
Luis M5:04 Rx 20th
Saori6:55 Rx Dead
Bj5:49 Rx2 54th
Joshua BDNF Rx
Seth B 9:29am
PR’s! Everywhere!!

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