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Mon, Apr 22 2019

Mon, May 27, 2019 at 8:30am MEMORIAL DAY 'MURPH' & FREE FOOD!: 8:30AM free for anyone modifications will be provided.
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METCON 4/22/19

w/ a 32 min Timer:

AT 3-2-1 GO:

LEVEL METHOD TESTING: Diane (upper/lower endurance). Give 100% effort on this workout! DO NOT pace it for later efforts.

Deadlift (225#/155#)

CAP at 8 min (look at MAP for modifications and specific gender and level caps)


DB Snatch (50#/35#)
Lateral Burpee Over DB

CAP at 8 mins (20 min mark)


Strict Pull Up
Push Press (135#/95#)

CAP at 8 mins (32 min mark)

Score is your time for all three couplets added together.

Goal: Sub 18 for combined score.

Tip: You are meant to treat each couplet as a SPRINT. DO NOT hold back! On couplet one, make sure to break up handstand push ups or push ups well before failure!

Purple Rx+: Sub 21/15/9 Rep Scheme for final couplet.
Blue Rx: As written, must perform Diane as written.
Orange Rx2: Diane at Orange Level or Above. 35#/20#, sub band assisted strict pull up, 115#/75#,
Yellow Rx3: Diane at Yellow Level or Above, 20#/12#, sub regular burpees, ring rows, 75#/55#
White MODWOD: Diane at White Level, sub burpee to box. Single DB Push Press

1st18:42 2Kirklin Mon, Apr 22, 2019
2nd18:47 2Rachel T Mon, Apr 22, 2019
3rd24:00 2Laura E Mon, Apr 22, 2019
1st15:15 +Charles Mon, Apr 22, 2019
2nd16:10 Eric M Mon, Apr 22, 2019
3rd19:14 Nate Mon, Apr 22, 2019

Charles15:15 Rx+ 4:09 Diane
Laura E24:00 Rx2 orange
Saul24:00 DNF Rx3 yellow
Derek N22:28 Rx2
Vince17:54 Rx2 Diane done with 225# and 40# DB snatch, 115# STO strict pullups 15,12,12 miscount on final metcon miscount
Ian18:51 Rx2 225# and 35#; 50#; SPU and 135#
Bill20:50 Rx2
Eric M16:10 Rx
TracieDNF Rx2 Diane 5:38 18.0 7:31
Katheryndnf Rx2
PeteDNF Rx2
Joshua T15:58  wight
ElanaDNF  4:20 1st, 5:59 3rd
Kirklin18:42 Rx2
JASON BEN20:19 Rx2 55# dB. Band assist
John L17:46 Rx3 Rx and Rx2 for some movements
Rachel T18:47 Rx2 Diane blue 2 -4:24/ 18.0 RX-6:23/ DNF Rx had 9 reps left.
David S17:50 Rx2 Diane 165 & push-ups, 35lb snatch, 75 & assisted pull up
Saori22;17 DNF  1 mat hspu after 21, Rx, Rx
Todd N19:36 Rx
Scott BDNF  23:60
Nate19:14 Rx

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