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Mon, Sep 9 2019

Happy Birthday: Josh C & Christopher E
Most Recent Benchmark:
KAREN 12-28-20 on Dec 28, 2020 (21 days ago)
Benchmark,Level Method,Metcon: AEROBIC POWER INTERVALSSkill: SKILLCON (after metcon) 9/9/19Warm Up: WARM UP 9/9/19SHRED 9/9/2019Metcon: 'NAUGHTY 90' 8/27/16-9/9/17


Benchmark,Level Method,Metcon: Reps-Rx3+
3 Rounds for MAX Reps, 1 min each station:

Wallball (20#/10'-14#/9')
Hang Powerclean (75#/55#)
Box Jump (step down) (24''/20'')
Push Press (75#/55#)

Goal: Give full effort today and prioritize hitting the movement standards over your score. This is a benchmark we will retest so we want to have an accurate baseline! PLEASE RECORD YOUR SCORE ON THE LEVEL METHOD APP!

Tip: Consider starting at your strongest movement. Find a pace that allows you to match or beat what you hit on round one for all three rounds! Remember this is a 17 minute workout, so find an aggressive yet sustainable pace.

Brown Rx+: Click this if you get brown level or above!

Purple/Blue Rx: As written

Orange Rx3:
Sub the following:
Wallball (14#/10-10#/9')
Russian Swing (35#/20#)
Step Up (20''/16'')
DB Push Press (25#/15# pair)

TodayAll Time

Gavin118  16' box 10#ball
Derek M309 Rx+
daniel z205 Rx
Stephanie S148 Rx3
Janelle342 Rx+ 120-112-110
Vince318 Rx+ 44 rep PR
Cammon228 Rx
Laura E348  mod wod, airsquat, r.r., push ups
Sandra D198 Rx2
Katheryn240 Rx
Scott B195 Rx3
Bill233 Rx2
Mindy:) Rx2 yellow
DeeAnn281 Rx3
Carolyn180  Haven’t jumped 20” since surgery and I panicked....so ended up doing 16” 😡
Saori279 Rx+
Ryan P283 Rx
Derek N270 Rx
Crystal221 Rx
Andrew S221 Rx
Marcus C238 Rx2
Alissa160 Rx3
Rachel T265 Rx+
Alyssa C362 Rx+
Bj220 Rx2
Derra272 Rx
Todd N334 Rx+
Elise285 Rx
Kirklin240 Rx
Shane298 Rx

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