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Fri, Sep 20 2019

Happy Birthday Sadie
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FRAN 6-14-20 on Oct 23, 2020 (40 days ago)
Level Method,Metcon: LEVEL METHOD TESTING UL ENDURANCEBenchmark,Level Method,Metcon: DIANE 6-29-20Warm Up: WARM UP 9/20/19Skill: METCON 9/20/2019 (optional after upper/lower)SHRED 9/20/2019Other Posted Results


Level Method,Metcon: Time-Rx2+
This workout combines an upper body push movement with a lower body pull movement. The level you will perform is based off your scores for DEADLIFT and UPPER BODY PUSH. If this is your first time testing you will do the level of Upper/Lower Endurance that corresponds to your LOWER of the two levels. For example, if Sally is black on Deadlift and Orange on Upper Body Push she would perform Upper/Lower Endurance at the ORANGE level. This is to help preserve the stimulus of the workout.

If you have already established a baseline score for this level you can work with your coach to determine what level is appropriate to perform for you.

Rx+- Perform Diane (see Diane tab)

Rx-Perform some version of a deadlift and Dumbbell Strict Press using a percentage of your bodyweight. Or Diane at a reduced rep range.

Rx2- Perform some version of a deadlift and push up (either on the ground or at an incline)

TodayAll Time

Vince6:00  15-12-9 2253 and HSPU. 3 reps shy of 5:30 cutoff for Blue III (dang it)
Alyssa C3:39 Rx
Johnny6:00 Rx2

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