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Fri, Sep 27

Happy Birthday Heather Lu
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FRAN 9/20/19 on Sep 27, 2019 (16 days ago)
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WARM UP 9/27/19

Warm Up: Check In
FOAM ROLL- Calves, Quads, Lats, Traps


Plate Overhead Carry-40 m  
Plate Press-10 reps
Plate Front Raise-10 reps
Plate Bus Driver-20 reps (10 each direction)
Plate Rotation-10 reps R/L
Plate Squat-10 reps
Plate to Overhead-10 reps
Plate Thruster-5 reps
Jane Fonda's-15 reps R/L
YTW's-10 reps each position
Scap Push Up-15 reps
Glute Bridges-15 reps
Clean Pull-5 reps
Clean High Pull-5 reps
Clean-5 reps
Press Complex-5 reps
Begin Weightlifting/Upper Pull Testing


Modified Hurdlers Stretch-1 min R/L x 2
Single Leg Couch Stretch-1 min R/L x 2

DeeAnnYes  Orange/6:40 Fran
Seth B 2:00pm
Dang Janelle the mythical SUB 3!

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