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Mon, Sep 30 2019

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METCON 9/30/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
5 Rounds For Time:

Hang Powersnatch-5 reps
Air Squat-20 reps
Powerclean and Jerk-5 reps
Double Under-30 reps

Goal: Sub 12, CAP at 15 minutes

Tip: You should be able to execute your snatch and clean and jerk mostly unbroken today with quick transitions between movements!

Purple Rx+: 135#/95#
Blue Rx: 115#/75#
Orange Rx2: 95#/65#, sub lateral hops
Yellow Rx3: 65#/45#, sub singles
White MODWOD: Sub Air Squat to Box, Sub DB Hang Powersnatch and Double DB Hang Powerclean and Jerk

1st10:33 +Alyssa C Mon, Sep 30, 2019
2nd11:40 +Janelle Mon, Sep 30, 2019
3rd13:16 Rachel T Mon, Sep 30, 2019
1st12:33 +Todd N Mon, Sep 30, 2019
2nd13:33 +Steve M Mon, Sep 30, 2019
3rd13:57 +Eric M Mon, Sep 30, 2019

Mitchell R13:58 Rx2
David S13:40 Rx2
Vince13:04  105#, all else RX
Eric M13:57 Rx+
Jenn12:55 Rx3 55 snatch
Laura E8:38  single db snatch, GHD situps, 60 single rope (shoulder muck up)
Mindy13:56 Rx2
Derek M12:41 Rx
MANAGER11:34 Rx2 75#
Derek Ndnf Rx 4 rnds
Luis M13:31 Rx
Ian14:10 Rx
Steve M13:33 Rx+
Sandra D14:18 Rx2
Cherise15:00 dnf Rx3 45#, DUs
Carolyn14:13 Rx3 55# cj 45# snatch
eli14:15 Rx
Katheryn11:26 Rx3 double unders
Crystal75# sub power clean Rx2 no jerks
Lance14:55 Rx
Jayne15 Rx3 55#
Rachel T13:16 Rx
Janelle11:40 Rx+
Alyssa C10:33 Rx+
Hailey12:20 Rx2 65#/singles
Todd N12:33 Rx+
Bj12:35 Rx2 60 singles per round
Claudia12:45 Rx2
Elise12:34 Rx2
Kirklin13:34 Rx2 DU
Emily M12:17 Rx2 Still did DU’s
Nate9:43 Rx
Alissa14:15 Rx3 Sub: 30 single

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