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Wed, Oct 2 2019

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GRACE 2-10-20 on Feb 10, 2020 (9 days ago)
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Weightlifting: Weight
Week 2

Back Squat


65%-75%-85% for first wave. Try to exceed these percentages on second and third wave.

TodayAll Time

Derek M265 Rx 225, 245, 265 last set
Vince195 Rx
Mindy125 back squats Rx
Ian265 Rx
Eric M240 Rx
Steve M260 Rx
Derek N225 Rx
Bill250 Rx
Cherise125 Rx
Katheryn145 Rx
Derra187 Rx @ 90% last set of 4 reps
Alyssa C235 Rx
Jayne125 Rx
Todd N405 Rx last set 0f 4
eli295 Rx To box
Keith205 Rx
Janelle265 Rx 195,245,265,205,255,275x3
Seth B345 Rx Hit it for 5 but body hurts and need reverse hyper
Kirklin180 Rx
Emily M265 Rx
Claudia95 Rx

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