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Fri, Oct 4 2019

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Weightlifting: Weight

Clean and Jerk Complex: 6-8 sets:

Clean Pull-1 rep
Clean (power or squat)-2 reps
Jerk (Push or Split)-1 rep

Build up from around 75% of your max! You do NOT need to hang onto the bar throughout the duration of the complex. Just make sure if you drop the bar in between that you immediately set back up for the next rep. Try to BEAT what you did last week!

TodayAll Time

Kirklin120 Rx
Janelle175 Rx squat+split jerk
Marcus C225 Rx
Vince145 Rx
David S135 Rx
Scott B195 Rx
Jeremy B195 Rx
Laura E85 Rx mod fs and dl 5x5
Katheryn105 Rx
eli215 Rx
Rachel T155 Rx
Derra145 Rx 155 failed jerk
Hailey145 Rx
Nate225 Rx
Alyssa C185 Rx

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