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Tue, Oct 8 2019

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METCON 10/8/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+

30 Reps each movement!

Double Under
Ball Slam
Double Under
Double Under
Pull Up
Double Under
Dumbbell Hang Powerclean
Double Under

Goal: Sub 14, CAP at 18 minutes

*In large classes have half the class start at the bottom and work up and share slam balls and DB pair with a partner.

Tip: This workout is grip intensive. Consider strategically breaking it up to preserve grip strength. Try to keep a steady pace and transition quickly between movements!

Purpose: This workout has weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning elements allowing us to work towards our goal of being well rounded athletes prepared for whatever life throws our way!

Purple Rx+: 50#/35# D-Ball Over Shoulder, 95#/65# Powersnatch, CTB Pull Up, 50#/35# DB Pair, 95#/65# SDHP

Blue Rx: 35#/20# ball, 75#/55# Powersnatch, 50#/35# DB pair, 75#/55# SDHP

Orange Rx2: Sub KTC, 35#/20# ball, 65#/45# Powersnatch, Jumping Pull Up, 35#/20# DB Pair, 65#/45# SDHP, sub lateral hops

Yellow Rx3: Sub Lying TTB, 20#/14# ball, 45#/35# Powersnatch, Sub Ring Row, 20#/12# pair, sub singles

White MODWOD: Sub Sit Ups or Crunches, 14#/10# Ball, Sub DB Snatch

1st17:41 +Janelle Tue, Oct 8, 2019
2nd14:02 Julia Tue, Oct 8, 2019
3rd14:29 Alyssa C Tue, Oct 8, 2019
1st14:52 +Seth B Tue, Oct 8, 2019
2nd14:14 Eric F Tue, Oct 8, 2019
3rd16:56 Luis M Tue, Oct 8, 2019

Eric F14:14 Rx
Derek MDNF Rx+ DNF 15 reps shy
Vince13:34  35# DB cleans, all else RX
ShaneDNF Rx Got through 15 SDHP
Mindy15:44 Rx3
DeeAnn15:47 Rx3
Laura E9:54 Rx2 singles,sd, ttr, curls, med os
Ian17:23 Rx
Tracie14:06  rx2 except DB snatch and RR
Luis M16:56 Rx
Heather Lo18:00  plate step, ring rows
Scott B18:00 DNF Rx 180 reps = 6 rounds
Katheryn15:31 Rx3 45#, 15# db, all else rx3
Ryan P20:00 Rx2
eliDNF Rx+ Last set of DU missed SDUP
Julia14:02 Rx
Janelle17:41 Rx+
Jayne17:35 Rx2
Emily MDNF Rx got to sdhp
Kirklin14:52 Rx2 DU, 55lb,25lb DB
Hailey16:00 Rx2
DerraCAP 1 rep into SDHP Rx2 scaled to 25#DB
Alyssa C14:29 Rx
Todd NDNF Rx+ 10 SDHP left
Seth B14:52 Rx+
Elise14:40 Rx2
Joshua BDNF 19:25 Rx
OliveDNF Rx2 had 10 more SDHP left

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