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Tue, Oct 15 2019

100th Day: Keith C(200th)
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METCON 10/15/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
10 mins to Finish

3 Rounds:

Sumo Deadlift (NO high pull)-12 reps
Powersnatch-12 reps
CTB Pull Up-12 reps

REST 1 minute

10 mins to Finish:

3 Rounds:

Dumbbell Deadlift-12 reps
Dumbbell Powerclean-12 reps
Dumbbell Renegade Row-12 reps

Score is total time for both triplets added together. Start on either triplet.

Goal: Sub 14:00 for both triplets combined.

Tip: This workout is grip intensive. Consider strategic short breaks on all movements to avoid going to failure.

Purpose: Need to pick up your bag at the airport and walk three terminals without missing your flight? The Dumbbell Deadlift will prepare to lift it safely! The grip intensive nature of this workout will allow you to develop the grip stamina to move quickly without breaks so you can make your flight!

Brown Rx+: Sub 15 reps instead of 12, use purple weights.
Purple Rx: 95#/65#, 50#/35# pair
Blue Rx2: 75#/55#, sub jump CTB, 35#/20# pair
Orange Rx3: 45#/35#, Sub Ring Row, 20#/12#,
Yellow MODWOD: Barbell Deadlift-75#/55#, DB Snatch (20#/12#), 24 Plank Shoulder Taps on Knees.

1st12:19 Julia Tue, Oct 15, 2019
2nd13:57 Alyssa C Tue, Oct 15, 2019
3rd15:04 Janelle Tue, Oct 15, 2019
1st12:45 Todd N Tue, Oct 15, 2019
2nd13:09 Ian Tue, Oct 15, 2019
3rd16:16 Derek M Tue, Oct 15, 2019

Tom W:-) Rx
Kirklin10:50 Rx2 lol scaled inappropriately
Olive15:30 Rx3
Heikoti16:13 Rx2 95# - Ring Rows
daniel z18:16 Rx2 75# Reg. Pull Ups
Vince14:02 Rx2 CTB PU, all else RX2
Laura E10:12  mod, sumodead, kb,dbrow/ dl,curls,rr
Jenn17:37 Rx2
Derek M16:16 Rx
Ian13:09 Rx
Griff17:38 Rx2
Ryan PDNF Rx Should've done rx2.
Sandra D11:33 Rx2
Tracie11:46  55# sumo 25# DB snatch JCTB 25#DBDL 20# DBPC 20# RR
Wendy D13:17 Rx3
Eric M16:44 Rx
Katheryn10:44 Rx3
John L18:54 Rx DNF first triplet, 6 pull ups short
Kasidy15 min 45 sec Rx2 35/20
Janelle15:04 Rx 7:25,7:39
Julia12:19 Rx
Rebecca W12:48 Rx2
Keith C14:35 Rx2
Todd N12:45 Rx Part 1 - 6:29 Part 2 - 6:16
Alyssa C13:57 Rx
Derra16:30 Rx2 25# DB 55# snatch
Elise13:30 Rx2
Emily MDNF Rx Well now I know DBs are not my best friend
Derek NDNF Rx 9:30 round 1 and then retired

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