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Thu, Nov 28 2019

Happy Birthday: Gio
Most Recent Benchmark:
KAREN 12-28-20 on Dec 28, 2020 (21 days ago)
Metcon: 1,000 REP WOD!! 11/28/19Metcon: 1,000 REP BODYWEIGHT/AT HOME WOD!!Warm Up: WARM UP 11/28/19

1,000 REP WOD!! 11/28/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+

100-Hangpowercleans (95#/65#)
100-Hand Release Push Ups
100-Lateral Hops
100-Thruster (95#/65#)
100-Pull Ups
100-Sit Ups
100-Box Overs (24''/20'')
100-Alternating DB Snatch (55#/35#)
100-Air Squats

GOAL Finish under 70 min CAP off at 95 mins
(Remember if you have been inconsistent or have only been with us a few months cut the reps down!)

Purple Rx: As written SUB 70 IN ORDER GETS YOU A FREE T or TANK!
Blue Rx2: 65#/45#, 20''/16'', 35#/20#, 14#/9'-10#/8' sub jump pull ups & Step overs
Orange Rx3: 45#/35#, plate step overs, 20#/12#, 10#/8-6#/8, sub ring rows.
Yellow MODWOD: 25#/15# thruster, cut orange reps in half.

TodayAll Time

Eric M80:43 Rx
Sandra D51:04 Rx2
Derek M86:50 Rx
Laura E62:56 Rx mod shoulder injury dl.a.burpees,f.s.,rr,rkb
Vince70:04 Rx 20 sets of 5 . All RX.
Emily M89:15 Rx Scaled pull ups
Kaitlin55:18 Rx3 500 reps total not 1000
Joshua T62:44 Rx2 i did it yay
Tracie67:03  45#bar subbed GM for thrusters RR 16 in box
Cherise69:22 Rx2
Hailey71:09 Rx
Wesly66:44 Rx2 incline push ups, jumping pull ups, RX everything else
Ian76:01 Rx
Scott B74:05 Rx3 80 reps
Rachel T57:15 Rx With my partner for life BJ
Bj57:15  Split partner work out
Julia69:59 Rx
Olive85:05 Rx2

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