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Mon, Jan 27

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FRAN 6-14-20 on Jun 19, 2020 (55 days ago)
Metcon: LEVEL METHOD TESTING LACTIC TOLERANCEBenchmark,Metcon: FRAN 6-14-20Level Method,Weightlifting: LEVEL METHOD TESTING FRONT SQUATSHRED 1-27-2019Warm Up: WARM UP 1-27-20Other Posted Results


Metcon: Time-Rx3
Look at the MAP with your coach. If this is your first time performing Lactic Tolerance you will determine your level based off your UPPER BODY PULL and FRONT SQUAT scores. You will perform Lactic Tolerance at the lower of those two levels. For example, if your front squat is brown and your upper body pull is Yellow III you would perform this workout at the YELLOW III level.

If you have completed this workout before, work with your coach to determine the appropriate level for you, keeping your front squat and upper pull level in mind. Make sure to closely assess time cap for each level.

Purple Rx: Fran (see Fran Tab)

Blue Rx2: Fran at a lighter weight or reduced rep scheme

Orange-White Rx3: Burpee variation and Jumping Pull Ups

TodayAll Time

Vince3:43  75#, 15-12-9
Jonny5:42 Rx2
Ian4:59 Rx
David S4:07 Rx2
Carolyn4:31 Rx2 Went up to blue l
Cherise3:25 Rx2 Blue II
Bill7:20 Rx3 95#, jumping PU
Scott B8:00 DNF Rx2 21-15, no 9 at 65# and Jumping Pull-Up
Rebecca W5:12 Rx2
Rachel T5:51 Rx
Hailey7:31 Rx
Janelle3:57 Rx
Steven P5:26 Rx2
David D3:55 Rx2
Bj5:06  Sub 95#FS,JPU
Jayne5:44 Rx3

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