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Mon, Feb 3

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FRAN 6-14-20 on Oct 23, 2020 (7 days ago)
Level Method,Weightlifting: LEVEL METHOD TESTING SQUAT ENDURANCESHRED 2-3-2020Warm Up: WARM UP 2-03-20Metcon: METCON 2-3-20Other Posted Results


Level Method,Weightlifting: Weight
w/ a 20-25 min Timer:

Part A: Work on Air Squat Endurance or Split Squat Endurance. See MAP and choose the highest level you can perform. If you have tested these before it is NOT required that you test them again. However, if this is your first time testing, please work with your coach to test the appropriate level.

Part B. Work up to your 20RM Back Squat and establish SQUAT ENDURANCE level. Make sure to check bodyweight before making weight determinations.

*Put the weight you hit for your 20RM as your score. Note color in the comments. All athletes will find their 20RM regardless of their color for squat endurance.

TodayAll Time

Kirklin165 Rx Black 2
Heikoti235 Rx
Beth115  /
Laura E135 Rx Brown 1
Ryan P265 Rx 20 reps, Black III
Vince188 Rx 20 reps. Black III
Jonny110 Rx
Eric M225 Rx 18 reps
Steve M257.5 Rx RED V
eli230 Rx Red 3
Katheryn155 Rx
Kaitlin55 Rx
Derek M237 Rx Shoulda tried for more
Janelle235 Rx 1.47 BW
Steven P165 Rx
Keith145 Rx brown 1 or 2
Alyssa C205 Rx
Rex S270 Rx
Todd N340 Rx 220# x 1.55 BW/Red V 🤓
Bridger L205 Rx
David S180 Rx 20 reps
Conor245 Rx
Wesly260 Rx
Rachel T150 Rx Black 3
Saori135 Rx
Bj0 Rx 300# only 17 reps
John L152 Rx Black
Seth B 4:20pm
HBD Ezra!!

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