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Thu, Feb 6 2020

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METCON 2-6-20

Metcon: Time-Rx3
5-7 Min Rounds:

100 m Farmers Carry
20 Weighted Box Stepovers (pair, DB's at sides)
25/20 Calories Row

*In large classes athletes can work in with one another with one person starting at the top on the carry and the other athlete starting at the bottom on the row.

Goal: Sub 20:00 for working time.

Tip: This workout is grip intensive. Consider short strategic breaks on the carry and stepovers. Keep an aggressive row pace! Ideally you will have built in rest each round.

Purple Rx: 50#-53#/35# pair, 24''/20'' box

Blue Rx2: 35#/25#-26# pair, 24''/20'' box

Orange Rx3: 25#/15# pair, 20''/16'' box
bodyweight stepover, sub 20/15 Calorie Row

Yellow MODWOD: 20#/12# pair, bodyweight plate stepover, Sub 15/12 Calorie Row

1st32:59 Janelle Thu, Feb 6, 2020
2nd22:25 2Kirklin Thu, Feb 6, 2020
3rd22:51 2Rachel T Thu, Feb 6, 2020
1st17:34 Seth B Thu, Feb 6, 2020
2nd23:09 Wesly Thu, Feb 6, 2020
3rd25:30 Steven P Thu, Feb 6, 2020

Heikoti30:27 Rx3 #50 farmers carry, body weight step over
Vince21:39 Rx2 4:50, 4:18, 4:09, 4:12, 4:10
Brian S23:14 Rx3
Katheryn26:44 Rx2 26# kb
Seth B17:34 Rx Tried to use it as warm up then realized that it wasnt going to be a warmup so negative splits
Carolyn22:23 Rx3
Richard22:46 Rx2
Simone26:35 Rx2
Wesly23:09 Rx
Janelle32:59 Rx
Rachel T22:51 Rx2
Steven P25:30 Rx
Bridger L25:45 Rx2
Susie25:52 Rx3 1st 3 rounds did 16” box step over, changed to plate step up last 2 rounds
Kirklin22:25 Rx2 20lb step ups tho
David D19:32 Rx2
Todd NDnf Rx 3rds (scaled)

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