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Mon, Feb 10

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FRAN 6-14-20 on Jun 19, 2020 (55 days ago)
Level Method,Weightlifting: LEVEL METHOD TESTING WEIGHTLIFTING TOTAL 2-10-20Warm Up: WARM UP 2-10-20Metcon: GRACE OR ISABEL 2-10-20SHRED 2-10-2020Metcon: ISABEL 2-10-20Metcon: GRACE 2-10-20Other Posted Results


Level Method,Weightlifting: Weight
w/ a 30 min Timer find:

1RM Snatch
1RM Clean and Jerk

OR Hang Clean 5RM

OR Powerclean 1RM

Followed by Snatch Technique work.

This level starts with a Russian Kettlebell swing, then moves onto a hang powerclean 5RM or Powerclean 1RM. Once you get to the highest level of powerclean it indicates a weightlifting total which is the combination of your heaviest snatch and heaviest clean and jerk.

***You are NOT required to hit both of your heaviest maxes on the same day. If you have a fairly recent 1RM that is higher than what you hit today you are allowed to use that weight as a contribution towards your total.

TodayAll Time

Vince270 Rx 155 Clean 115 Snatch. Not feeling it today
Laura E110 Rx purple2
Mitchell R335 Rx 155 snatch 180 c&j
Simone230 Rx 135 Clean n jerk. 95 snatch
Derek N340 Rx 185cj + 155snatch
Scott B360 Rx 155+205 (215 clean)
DeeAnn65  Blue 1
Seth B571 Rx 256/315 was a ways off PRs 295/345 nope
Alex Pa75 Rx
Susie20 Rx Russian KB
Rachel T250 Rx
Saul175 Rx
Carolyn95x3 Rx Purple 1
Derek M460 Rx 275 CJ, 185 SN
Janelle350 Rx 205 CJ and 145 snatch
Cherise205 Rx 80 snatch, 125 C&J
Janalyn210 Rx 135 CJ and 75 Snatch
Bridger400 Rx 175 sn, 225 c&j
Wesly450 Rx 205 snatch + 245 c&j
Todd N420 Rx Snatch 195# C&J 225#
Michael Da160 Rx powerclean 1rm
Saori140 Rx pc
Conor460 Rx 205 sn, 255 c&j
David D95 Rx
Katheryn212.2 Rx 92.2 snatch/ 120 c&j
Seth B 7:41am
Goodluck to everyone this week! Excited to see some leveling UP! 💪🏻

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