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Wed, Mar 4

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FRAN 6-14-20 on Jun 19, 2020 (55 days ago)
Level Method,Weightlifting: LEVEL METHOD TESTING FRONT SQUATBenchmark,Metcon: FRAN 6-14-20Metcon: LEVEL METHOD TESTING LACTIC TOLERANCEWARM UP 3-4-20Other Posted Results


Level Method,Weightlifting: Weight
w/ a 20 min Timer find your heaviest, 8, 5, 3, or 1RM Front Squat.

Use the MAP to determine a goal level to shoot for. Work up to that level, then build up from there if you have more in the tank. Ask your coach if you need help determining a goal. Record the weight you hit as your score, then note in the comments what color you are.

TodayAll Time

Laura E150 Rx
Kirklin175 Rx Brown 2
Elise120 Rx
Vince250 Rx 10# PR Brown 1
Shane285 Rx
Jessie135 Rx
DeeAnn55 Rx
Cherise170 Rx
Jonathan K305 Rx Jumped right to 355(red v) and barely missed it
Katheryn145 Rx
Jacob B115 Rx 8 reps
Keith195 Rx back squats
Janelle240 Rx Best is 255
Simone165 Rx
Richard215 Rx
Hailey180 Rx
Conor275 Rx
Carolyn95 Rx Was coming forward so stopped 😅

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