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Thu, May 21

Happy Birthday Brooklyn
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FRAN SLX 1-27-20 on Mar 4, 2020 (94 days ago)
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WARM UP 5-21-20

Warm Up: Check In
WARM UP: (set up a plate near the rig and grab a barbell!)

EMOM 12 minutes

Min 1: 100-150 m Run
Min 2: 5 Scap Pulls+5 Thumbs Up+5 Breaststrokes
Min 3: Calf Raise Off Plate-8 reps R/L
Min 4: 5 Hang Clean High Pull+10 alt mountain Climbers to outside of arm
Arch Hollow-10 reps
KTC or TTB-5 reps
Hang Powerclean-5 reps
Begin Metcon!


Modified Hurdlers Stretch-1 min R/L
Calf Stretch on Rig-1 min R/L

Seth B 6:54am
HBD Brooklyn we miss seeing your face!
Rachel T 11:46pm

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