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Tue, Jun 2

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FRAN 6-14-20 on Jun 19, 2020 (100 days ago)
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SHRED 6-2-20


30 secs ON/15 secs OFF x 2 rounds:

Air Squat/Lunge R/Air Squat/Lunge L
Step Ups
Calf Raise off Plate (hold rig for balance)
Hip Rotation-20 reps R/L
Spiderman to Hammy-30 secs R/L
Hollow Hold-30 secs
Downward Dog-30 secs
Explain metcon, warm up over unders

Every 7 minutes x 5 sets complete:

30 Air Squats
15 Over Unders*
30 Farmers Lunges (DB pair at sides)
15/12 Cal Bike
REST w/ time remaining

*Suggested height is 30''/24'', if athletes are needing lower than 20'', sub a regular jump over the PVC pipe or step over.

Goal is to push the pace and then recover!

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