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Wed, Sep 9

Dale F
Most Recent Benchmark:
FRAN 6-14-20 on Jun 19, 2020 (100 days ago)
Warm Up: WARM UP 9-9-20Metcon: METCON 9-9-20Skill: SKILL WORK 9-9-20

WARM UP 9-9-20

Warm Up: Check In

1 min Air Squats
1 min Jump Rope
1 min Step Up
Lateral Step Up (slow lower-5 reps R/L)
Mtn. Climber to Outside of Hand-10 alt reps
Pigeon on Box-30 secs R/L
Calf Stretch on Box-30 secs R/L
Box Jump-5 reps
Set up for seated box jump


Calf Stretch-1 min R/L x 2 sets
Couch Stretch-1 min R/L x 2 sets

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