During this 20 min visit we give you a tour of the gym and get an idea of what your Fitness goals are and then help you determine what is the best fit 'pun intended' at our gym for your goals.  

STEP 2. ON-RAMP/BEGINNERS COURSE Taught 1-ON-1 for ($200) or 2-ON-1($350)  

   4-60 min 1-ON-1 sessions or 2-ON-1 for couples.
   1-30 min Goal setting Nutrition consult.
   Welcome Packet full of helpful nutrition and exercise information.
   1 week of group CrossFit Classes.
   Free T-shirt or Tanktop upon completion.

During the 4-1 hour sessions we cover foundational movements in addition to some of our more common movement patterns, terms, methods, and concepts that you will be utilizing daily. This private training will give you the confidence and knowledge you will need if you decide on group classes. During the 30 min Goal setting/Nutrition consult your coach will help you set some goals and create and action plan based off those goals.


Now that you have completed the On-ramp course and had your Fitness plan mapped out you have several choices,  


            Month to Month(Recurring)-$130
           (NO CONTRACT)

            Paid in Full*
            3 Month Upfront-10% Discount
            6 Month Upfront-15% Discount
            8 CLASSES PER MONTH(Recurring)-$99
           (NO CONTRACT)

*Note that because the paid in fulls are upfront and discounted we do not offer refunds.  


            1-60 min SESSION $65
            4-60 min SESSION $260
            8-60 min SESSIONS $520
            12-60 min SESSIONS $780

            1-30 min SESSION $45
            4-30 min SESSIONS $180
            8-30 min SESSIONS $360
            12-30 min SESSIONS $540

(Buy more than $325 worth of 30-60 min PT and get 4 weeks of personal programming free through Truecoach($100 value)

Please book a NO SWEAT CONSULTATION If you are interested in this option. 30 min sessions are used preferably for Skills/Technique 60 min sessions are used for Personal Programs which can purchased separately in 4 week blocks. Sessions expire within 30 days of purchase. Non-transferable.


         BASIC(SET UP)-$49 billed every 4 weeks
             -1 60 min consultation per month
             -Macros & Meal Plan
             -Inbody Scan

         BRONZE(ON-GOING)-$99 billed every 4 weeks
             -2 60 min consultations
             -Macros & Meal Plan
             -2 Inbody Scans
             -Goal Setting

         SILVER-CUSTOMIZED PLAN $199 for 4 weeks of individual coaching
             -2 60 min consultations
             -Macros & Meal Plan
             -2 Inbody Scans
             -24/7 email access
             -Bi-Weekly(every 2 weeks) food diary review

         GOLD-DELUXE PLAN $399 for 4 weeks of individual coaching
             -3 60 min consultations
             -Macros & Specific Meal Plan off your schedule
             -3 Inbody Scans
             -24/7 email access
             -Weekly food diary review
             -1x a week 30 min in-person or via Video Chat check ins
             -20% Discount in Gym Pro Shop

Need more accountability and feedback on your nutrition? Individualized Nutrition coaching may be the right choice, you will get the knowledge, accountability aswell as direction you need!

SEMI(Groups of 2-3)PERSONAL TRAINING & PUNCH PASSES($150 for 10) ARE ALSO OFFERED: Please contact us if you are interested in this option to get details.

                                                                   OUR TOP 5 PROGRAMS  

Hybrid Membership

The gold standard for seeing progress. Customize your own. Or if you are new select one of our 100 day journeys offered in three plans from bronze to gold. A Hybrid membership is a combination of all services combined into the best design for helping you see results!

Nutrition Coaching

For most people, nutrition is the component that really kicks their fitness, health, and physique goals into high gear. With nutrition coaching, we provide personalized guidance (not fad diets) to support you in having long term success.

Personal Training/Semi Personal Training

For those that are wanting more private training or that have specific fitness/competitive goals, we offer personal training and are happy to meet to discuss this.

CrossFit WOD  

This is our traditional programming and by far our MOST POPULAR! Utilizing a combination of weight training, gymnastics and full body conditioning! It is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, Executed at High Intensity!  


This a Beginner friendly conditioning class that does not require our Beginners Course. It is offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:30am and 9:30am. Here is how it differs from our other programs:  

• No heavy barbells or technical lifts coached M,T,Th F  
• 20-30-minute sweat session  
• You decide how you Shred with Coach helping to individualize everyone's experience  
• 10-15 mins of YOGA through ROMWOD to cool you down and help you start your day off right