Our Programs


CrossFit WOD
This is our traditional programming and by far our MOST POPULAR! Utilizing a combination of weight training, gymnastics and full body conditioning! It is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, Executed at High Intensity!


This a Beginner friendly conditioning class that does not require our Beginners Course. It is offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:30 and 9:30am. Here is how it differs from our other programs:

• No heavy barbells or technical lifts coached M,T,Th F
• 20-30-minute sweat session
• You decide how you Shred with Coach helping to individualize everyone's experience
• 10-15 mins of YOGA through ROMWOD to cool you down and help you start your day off right

Competitors Training

This is a more advanced program designed for those with the intention of competing in the Worldwide CrossFit Open. In order to join this group, you must first earn our gym's RX CLUB standards. This specialty class costs $50 extra for gym members and is capped at 14 people.

Personal Training

For those that have specific fitness/competitive goals, we offer personal training and are happy to meet to discuss this. Rates vary.