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Friday Nov 16,2018

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Weightlifting: Weight

w/ a 20-25 Min Timer:

Work up to 1RM Clean and Jerk!

You may choose any style. For those that may not be ready to hit a max today go for a heavy single aiming for 90% of your current 1RM, or pick a moderate weight and complete 6-8 singles working on technique. Be sure to make small even jumps as you warm up. DO NOT REPEAT YOUR OLD MAX!

1st170 Alyssa C Fri,Nov 16,2018
2nd165 Janelle Fri,Nov 16,2018
3rd147 Saori Fri,Nov 16,2018
1st250 Spencer C Fri,Nov 16,2018
2nd225 Nick Fri,Nov 16,2018
3rd195 Pete Fri,Nov 16,2018

Nick225 Rx Push Jerk
Spencer C250 Rx V ugly PR
Vincent145 Rx 5# PR. It was kinda of ugly but Coach Todd said count it
Bill185 Rx
Julia190  Powerclean, no jerk
Katheryn95 Rx
Rachel T135 Rx Deload for next week👍🏽
Pete195 Rx Push Jerk
Janelle165 Rx
Megan A130 Rx
John Redd175 Rx
Gavin75 Rx
Louise35  90 reps
Saori147 Rx PR! Yay!
Keith100 Rx Clean high pulls
Alyssa C170 Rx PR squat clean. Missed the jerk.
Rebecca C90 Rx PR for me :)
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