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Friday Aug 24,2018

Happy Birthday Emily M
Welcome Rebecca W
Benchmark,Metcon: DIANE 5/10/17-12/15/17SHRED 8/24/18Benchmark,Metcon: FRANWarm Up: WARM UP 8/24/18Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING 8/24/18Other Posted Results

DIANE 5/10/17-12/15/17

Benchmark,Metcon: Time-Rx3+


reps for time of

Handstand Push Up

GOAL: Finish under 6 mins CAP at 10 mins

Rx+: If you have a sub 3 Rx then Strict HSPU and 315#/205#
Rx: As written
Rx2: 185#/125#, Sub HSPU 2 abmats
Rx3: 135#/85#, Sub Push Ups

TodayAll Time

Eric F4:58 Rx
Alex R9:40 Rx3 #105 DL
Spencer Da7:18 Rx2
Derek N5:40 Rx3
Kristin4:10 Rx2 Rx2 weight/push ups
Alyssa CHurt hand and shoulder  Did yesterday’s shred! 19:12
Cherise7:35 Rx3 I think. Time might be wrong.
Keith3:16 Rx3 Diane
Kaddie7:38 Rx2
Bj7:34  185# DL, push ups
Results Posted: 10
MANAGER 5:32am
Happy Birthday Emily!
Deven 6:38pm
Happy Birthday, Em! You deserve a great day.