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Fri, Apr 12 2019

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KAREN 4/12/19

Benchmark,Metcon: Time-Rx3+

For Time!
150 Wallballs (20#/10'-14#/9')

Goal: Sub 10, cap OFF at 12 minutes.

Tip: Assess how comfortable you are with wallballs, then decide a rep scheme strategy that will allow you to keep moving! For example, if you're a pro consider large sets. If this is a movement you struggle with, consider breaking it up into small sets from the beginning to avoid burning out.

Purpose: Wallballs require a great deal of accuracy, one of the 10 skills of fitness we work to develop. From the article entitled ''The Skill You're Ignoring'' by Brittney Saline found in the CrossFit Journal:

''Karen is about more than just hitting the target. You need to accurately hit the appropriate depth each rep. And for greatest efficiency, you’ll need a combination of accuracy and precision—repeatedly throwing the ball and moving your body exactly where you want it to go. You need to catch the ball at the same point in its arc, at the same point in space, each time. If an athlete’s accuracy is off for even a handful of reps, he or she has to work harder to log the same time that could be produced by moving well,


''Without accuracy you start to lack efficiency,'' she explained. “You're not going to be as quick, which is gonna blunt your power output. It's also gonna begin to limit the amount of load that you can lift,''

Purple Rx+: If your Karen is sub 6 try Obese Karen 30#/10'-20#/9'
Blue Rx: As written
Orange Rx2: 14#/9'-10#/8'
Yellow Rx3: 10#/8'-6#/8'
White MODWOD: Sub Pushba

TodayAll Time

Charles6:43 Rx
Cammon9:10 Rx 12th breath!
Scooter9:50 Rx3 28th
Julia5:59  Medball squats first 45 w/ 10#, remaining reps with 20#.
Derek N10:40 Rx 17th
Paul R10:40 Rx3 29th
Sandra D8:36 Rx2 13th
Katheryn6:58 Rx3
Seth D8:25 Rx2 25th
Vince7:10 Rx2
Ian9:20 Rx 13th
Rachel T9:30 Rx 8th Mental PR as well
Shane9:43 Rx 14th
Wesly6:54 Rx 4th
Alyssa C6:25 Rx 2nd
Kolton10:14 Rx 15th
Emily M10:52 Rx 9th
Bj11:39 Rx 22nd
Keith8:30 Rx2 26th
Derra8:56 Rx 6th

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