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Wednesday Feb 20,2019

Happy Birthday Beth
Welcome David S
Benchmark,Level Method,Metcon,SL9: SL9 WORKOUT #2 2/20/19Warm Up: WARM UP 1/17/19Skill: FINISHER 2/20/19

SL9 WORKOUT #2 2/20/19

Benchmark,Level Method,Metcon,SL9: Reps-Rx3+
3 Rounds for MAX Reps, 1 min each station:

Wallball (20#/10'-14#/9')
Hang Powerclean (75#/55#)
Box Jump (step down) (24''/20'')
Push Press (75#55#)

Goal: Give full effort today and prioritize hitting the movement standards over your score. This is a benchmark we will retest so we want to have an accurate baseline! PLEASE RECORD YOUR SCORE ON THE LEVEL METHOD WEBSITE!

Tip: Find a steady pace and keep it! Try to match or beat what you get on round one for all rounds. These movements are meant to allow you to keep moving the whole time.  

Rx+ Purple: Click this if you get 300/255+ Reps
Rx Blue: Click this if you get 260/225+ Reps
Rx2 Orange: Click this if you get 200/170+ Reps  
Rx3 Yellow: Step Ups Allowed, click this if you get 125+ Reps
MODWOD White: 10#/8'-6#/8', 45#/35# or DB pair (20#/12#), 20''/16'' Burpee to Box

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