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Friday Apr 19,2019

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METCON 4/19/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
3 Rounds For Time:

Run-400 m
Hang Powersnatch-21 reps (75#/55#)
Thruster-12 reps (75#/55#)

Goal: Sub 12, CAP at 15 minutes.  

Tip: The run is a large chunk of the workout, make sure to attack it with a fast pace. The weight you choose should ideally allow you to do your barbell movements in two sets or less.  

Purpose: This workout pairs a cardio intensive item with two barbell movements, one being a pull, the other being a push. The weight on the bar is light, enabling you to have high power output. The complementary nature of these movements allows you to keep intensity high!

Purple Rx+: 95#/65#
Blue Rx: As written
Orange Rx2: 65#/45#
Yellow Rx3: 45#/35#, sub 300 m run,  
White MODWOD: Sub 200 m Run, SA DB Snatch, SA DB Thruster (6 per side)

1st11:44 +Alyssa C Today!
2nd13:03 3Jessie Today!
3rd12:08Cherise Today!
1st11:58 Charles Today!
2nd12:52 Boots Today!
3rd13:26 Ryan P Today!

Charles11:58 Rx
Vince14:00 Rx
Alyssa C11:44 Rx+
Derek N13:43 Rx
Julia14:21  400 m run, 21 row calories, 12 SA DB Thrusters (35#)
Jessie13:03 Rx3
Ryan P13:26 Rx
Cherise12:08  bike .5 mi, SA DB snatch 35/20, SA DB thruster 20
Seth D14.37 Rx2 mod 300 m run, single arm db thurster
Boots12:52 Rx
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Ashley D9:30am...3 2 1 GO!
Bart9:30am...3 2 1 GO!
Eric M9:30am...3 2 1 GO!

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