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Tuesday Feb 19,2019

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METCON 2/19/19

Metcon: Time-Rx3+

3 Rounds of:

CTB Pull Up-20 reps
DB or KB Deadlift-20 reps (pair)
Farmers Carry-40 m (pair)


3 Rounds of:

Plate Up-20 reps (25#/15# plate)
KB or DB Snatch-20 reps (single DB or KB)*
Front Rack Carry-40 m (pair)

*DB snatch is from the ground, KB snatch may be taken from the hang.  

Men use a 50# pair of DB's or 53# KB's and a 25# plate for the sit up. Women use a 35# pair of DB's or KB's, and a 15# plate for the sit up.  

Goal: Sub 18 CAP at 22 minutes.

Tip: This workout is grip intensive. Consider small sets with short breaks from the start to preserve it.  

Purpose: Strong grip strength is correlated with overall better health. And an impressive handshake! Furthermore, performing carries in our training pays dividends in life. There are numerous circumstances where we need to carry large loads without dropping them whether that be groceries, our baby carrier, or a piece of new furniture.  

Purple Rx+: Sub 5 BMU+15 CTB Pull Up, 70#/50# pair for Part 1,  same weight on part 2.  
Blue Rx: As written
Orange Rx2: Sub Jump CTB, 35#/20#, 15#/10# plate
Yellow Rx3: Sub Ring Rows, 20#/12#, bodyweight sit up
White MODWOD: See coach for additional mods!

1st20:00 Rachel T Tue,Feb 19,2019
2nd20:29 Janelle Tue,Feb 19,2019
3rd14:08 2Diana Tue,Feb 19,2019
1st16:29 Nate Tue,Feb 19,2019
2nd16:58 Wesly Tue,Feb 19,2019
3rd17:43 Charles Tue,Feb 19,2019

Charles17:43 Rx
Heikoti18:28 Rx2 Team Orange!
Alyssa C17:42 Rx2 sub kipping pull ups. Started w/ CTB... couldnt maintain
Nick22:00 Rx2
Janelle20:29 Rx
Vincent17:52 Rx2 25# plate
Jessie16:50 Rx2
Cherise21:33 Rx2
IanDNF Rx -14 snatch and 40m
JASON BEN20:32 Rx2 55db. Mix of strict and jumping PU
Heather Lo16:49 Rx3
Sandra D15:48 Rx2
Rhea18:10  DB 10lb dead & farmer, DB 8lb snatch & carry
Eric M21:11 Rx
Katheryn17:25 Rx2
Bill19:20 Rx2
Katriel-Maria15:00 Rx2
Julia18:00  Sub GHD Sit Up for CTB, 53# KB DL, weighted sit up (15#), KB snatch (35#), all right arm only
Saori20:03 Rx2 Normal pull up, 35#, 15#
Taylor B19;46 Rx2
Anna E20  20 snatch
eli19:43 Rx
Spencer C19:02 Rx Kettlebell
Wesly16:58 Rx 8:00 min first triplet, 8:58 second triplet
Rachel T20:00 Rx
Deven21:29 Rx
Nate16:29 Rx
Diana14:08 Rx2
Jayne21:37 Rx3
Brett L21:12 Rx
Todd N19:28 Rx
Kai19:30 Rx2
Hayleigh18:52 Rx2 Reg pullups
Bj18:54 Rx2
David S20 Rx2 Jump CTB
Sarah D17:23  CTB - Elevated ring rows, weighted sit ups - plate tAps
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