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Thursday Apr 18,2019

Welcome Michael H & Derek M
Metcon: METCON 4/18/19Weightlifting: WEIGHTLIFTING COMPLEX 4/18/19SHRED 4/18/2019Warm Up: WARM UP 4/18/19

METCON 4/18/19

Metcon: Reps-Rx3+


Double Under-20 reps
Powerclean-3 reps*

Athlete chooses load but it is required they complete all rounds to have a valid score. Athletes are allowed to change the weight up or down as they like  

REST 2 minutes (change weight)

AMRAP 5 mins

Double Under-40 reps
Powerclean-9 reps (95#/65#)

Score: Add the weights you utilize on part A to your reps for Part B. Ex. Jill uses 135# for all 10 rounds for Part A and completes 245 Reps on Part B her score is 1595.

Tip: Make quick transitions each round on Part A, that is critical to finishing within the minute. Go all out on Part B.  

Purple Rx+: 30 DU for EMOM, 115#/75#
Blue Rx: As written
Orange Rx2: Sub lateral hops, 75#/55#
Yellow Rx3: Sub Singles, 3RM Deadlift
White: Sub KB Deadlift

1st1755 +Alyssa C Thu,Apr 18,2019
2nd1672 Janelle Thu,Apr 18,2019
3rd1356 Katriel-Maria Thu,Apr 18,2019
1st2446 Charles Thu,Apr 18,2019
2nd2266 Wesly Thu,Apr 18,2019
3rd2217 Kolton Thu,Apr 18,2019

Steve M1845 Rx
Charles2446 Rx Rx+ for 6 rounds part A
Derek M2051 Rx Lost a round, jump rope broke
Vince1362 Rx 115# for 9 rounds, 135# rnd 10. Part 8 4 rounds + 45 reps
Katriel-Maria1356 Rx
Derek N1586 Rx
Julia1357  20 singles, clean pulls at 105, 40 singles, DL at 105
Laura E962 Rx2
Tracie947 Rx
Katheryn988 Rx2
Bill1430  single unders
Eric M1566 Rx
Anthony A1082 Rx2 95# latteral hops
Pete1591 Rx
Lacey W1297 Rx2 subbed singles
Wesly2266 Rx 205, 4+20
Alyssa C1755 Rx+ 165, 145x4, 155x5; 4 rounds +39
Joshua T943 Rx3 yellow
Kirklin1097 Rx
Kolton2217 Rx 205# ; 3+20
Todd N2209 Rx Part A. 205# x 10 Part B 3+12
Janelle1672 Rx 145x10,4+26
Bj1361 Rx2
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