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Monday, Apr 24, 2017


METCON 4/24/17

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
21-15-9 reps  

Pull Ups

GOAL: Sub 6 mins CAP off at 10 mins

Rx+: Sub 135#/95#, CTB Pull Up (online qualifier)
Rx: As written
Rx2: Sub Ring rows or Band strict purple/Green, 95#/65#
Rx3: Sub Ring rows and DB 35#/20# Single

Chosen as WOD: Mon,Apr 24,2017
1st5:44 Saori Today!
2nd3:24 2Cherise Today!
3rd4:53 2Tracie Today!
1st5:06 +Bob Today!
2nd3:38 Spencer C Today!
3rd4:15 Eric M Today!

Jeremy9:88 Rx2 Sub 35# DB press for Hotel Mod
Eric M4:15 Rx
Steve M5:31 Rx
Spencer C3:38 Rx
Bob5:06 Rx+
Heikoti4:40 Rx2 #115 ring rows
Diana10:03 Rx2 strict, purple band
Tracie4:53 Rx2
Cherise3:24 Rx2 65#; ring rows
Sterling5:26 Rx
Vince7:14 Rx3 switched to db after 1st set
Katheryn7:03 Rx3
brenda6:39 Rx2
Luis M8:22 Rx
Saori5:44 Rx
Carolyn7:05 Rx2
Caitlin9:55 Rx2 45 lbs then switched to 35
Scott B8:19 Rx2 95# + PU
Results Posted: 18

Seth B 11:18am
3:24 and 3:38 sheesh

MANAGER 8:42am
Way to go NICK!!!!